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  • Sir Henry Neville was Shakespeare: The Evidence by John Casson & William D. Rubinstein

    In science knowledge develops through experiment and evidence. Starting with questions and doubts, new hypotheses are developed and their predictions are tested against experimental experience. This research approach often generates new evidence that corroborates or refutes previous ideas and so increases the probability that a new hypothesis is co ...

  • Forgotten Science by S.D. Tucker

    They tried to make a Monkey out of you In an extract from his new book Forgotten Science: Strange Ideas from the Scrapheap of History, SD Tucker explores some of the strangest tales from Soviet science, including Stalin’s alleged attempts to create a race of invincible monkey-soldiers to serve in the Red Army. The phrase ‘human guinea-pig’ is ...

  • The Defeat of the Luftwaffe by Jonathan Trigg

    What’s the best thing about writing history? For me that’s easy. Stepping back in time into the shoes of another generation and looking around at the world through their eyes, and as you look around you can read what they read, touch what they touched, and try to understand why they did what they did. A lot of the time you can only achieve this ...


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View our upcoming events in April including book signings for OSS Station VictorBucknall to Cellarhead Through Time, Glasgow in 50 BuildingsSouthend in 50 BuildingsSt Andrews The Postcard Collection and Born to be a Baggie and a Hungry for History evening at La Torretta in Rochester with Toni Mount.

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View our upcoming events in May including a signing for Sir Henry Neville Was Shakespeare and Harrogate Pubs.

Paul Hurley and Len Morga

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