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  • British Steam Fire Engines by Ronald Henderson

    Shand, Mason’s double vertical fire engine Whenever one reads stories about the fire brigade in children’s books and comics, and indeed in some historical books on the subject there was invariably mention of the romance of the steam fire engine. There was the  thrill of seeing  two powerful fire brigade horses galloping along the streets wit ...

  • How 'No More Soldiering' began by Stephen Wade

    A popular postcard showing the common view of the weak and effeminate CO. (Author’s collection) I was researching in the Brynmor Jones Library in Hull, digging into the background for a biography I was writing on George Grossmith, the singer and writer, when there was a large folder of photographs and I could see from the front cover that it was ...

  • Sir Henry Neville was Shakespeare: The Evidence by John Casson & William D. Rubinstein

    In science knowledge develops through experiment and evidence. Starting with questions and doubts, new hypotheses are developed and their predictions are tested against experimental experience. This research approach often generates new evidence that corroborates or refutes previous ideas and so increases the probability that a new hypothesis is co ...


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